Civil & Commercial Mediation

A civil commercial dispute, whether it be a few hundred or millions of pounds can financially cripple or even bankrupt a person or business. The longer the dispute goes on the worse it will get, becoming increasingly complicated and more stressful by the nature of the dispute, the amount of parties involved, the amount of individuals, including personal relationships and other businesses that it may affect.

​Also the jurisdiction(s) of the dispute(s) with litigation can lead to adverse publicity, wasted productivity, resources, manpower and not to mention commercial relationships. Legal fees will inevitably increase which in all can lead to a daunting prospect for any person, CEO, HR Manager, business or one man band.

In the commercial world time, money and relationships mean everything. Therefor it is imperative to resolve a civil or commercial dispute as soon as possible so that it has minimum impact upon commercial relationships.

Civil/commercial mediation is an effective, professional method of dispute resolution which enables those involved reach a commercially agreed solution to their problem.  

Types of commercial cases include; Boundary; Construction; Contractual; Defamation; Financial; Intellectual property; Personal injury; Clinical negligence; Property; Shareholder and partnership; Wills and probate; IT disputes;

​Most commercial mediations are resolved within a day meaning that the process is significantly quicker, cheaper and less stressful than court proceedings. Settlements reached by the parties in mediation are on the terms that the parties have chosen to agree and can deliver solutions that are not available from a court and which respects the parties' commercial interests, not just the legal rights. 

Special rates are available to healthcare and educational institutions, registered charities and similar organisations.

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