Community Engagement: Mediation, Intergenerational & Peer Mediation 

Community Engagement is "a dynamic relational process that facilitates communication, interaction, involvement, and exchange between people and the community for a range of social and organisational outcomes".

We use an ethical, reflective, and socially responsive approach in engagement practices with the aim of helping people to understanding and be responsive to community needs, views, and expectations.  

Community engagement is a key part of our work, so if you are a community group, organisation or individual, and would like to discuss how we can help then please get in touch.

Community Mediation;

'It makes sense that we all tend to see things differently' as we have different life experiences, information, judgements, perspectives, interpretations and interests.

Because of our perceived differences, conflict seems a natural occurrence in our lives.
With all of this to hand we can tend to become fixed & rigid in our expectations and beliefs about what's " right or wrong." Conflict can then occur when there is a perception of competing interests between people.

By using mediation a process which involves the use of collaborative techniques by a mediator, who is a neutral third party that informally assists disputing parties in voluntarily reaching their own mutually acceptable settlement of some or all of the issues in dispute through structuring the negotiation, articulating the needs of each party and identifying the issues.

We can facilitate meetings of community and residents groups, we also provide coaching on how to communicate effectively.

Intergenerational Mediation;

Relationships between generations can at times be difficult in all sorts of families, but mediation can offer a way of reaching some acceptable resolution in family conflict and can include different family members and relationships.

Intergenerational mediation is for family members of different generations with relationship difficulties. This process supports young people and their families, by improving communication, understanding and re-establishing the relationship.

​The mediation helps young people and their parents or carers to talk and listen to each other and help resolve any conflict.

In a neutral setting the mediator will help parties, explore, understand different perspectives, and then draw up a practical and workable agreement, to improve the life of all concerned.

Peer Mediation;

A program and process where children or students of the same age group facilitate resolving issues or disputes, can be between two people or small age groups. We see this as a positive intervention for schools and young institutes, and a great way to invest in a future of positive conflict resolution in the areas we work.

The benefits can include;

​Reduced disciplinary actions & less fights, improved self-esteem, listening and critical thinking skills, as well as skills transferable outside the classroom. The Peer process can deal with bullying, minor assaults & fighting, as well as gossiping, social media improprieties, relationship difficulties, harassment, stealing and vandalism. Peer services is an excellent way of putting young people in a position of responsibility in order to resolve issues and build responsibility and trust amongst the student body.

We will train your selected students to become peer mediators, once accredited (College of Mediators Award) we support and supervise them to deliver mediation services to students throughout the school/college. We will always work with you to discuss specific issues that you may be having in order to make the training relevant to your context.