Family Mediation;

Family Mediation is quicker and more cost-effective than heading to court. It reduces conflict and you and your family stay in control of arrangements over children, property, and finance.
 If you have decided to separate or divorce, then you would need to make important decisions about the future.

Family mediators can help you maintain a civil relationship with all those who may be involved, as well as your children to meet their needs.  We can help you discuss where the children will live, contact arrangements, how parenting will work, child support and maintenance, and any other issues you feel are important. If you own property or have other assets and liabilities, then we can help you discus how to share them out between you.


Once you have contacted us we will arrange a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAMs) to talk about your situation and find out how mediation can help you/or whether it is right for you or not.
The MIAMs can be done with your ex or separatly if you wish, if you both decide to go ahead with mediation then we will arrange for both of you to meet and discuss the issues that are important through a series of sessions.

Any agreements you make will be approved by you, your mediated agreement is not legally binding but you can get a solicitor to turn it into a legally binding document if you both agree to this.

Online Mediation  

The world is now digital, family mediation is already online and has been used successfully for a number of years. Online mediation is available via video conference and is also free if you qualify for legal aid, we use applications and programs that you are familiar with such as Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp.

We will take you through the same process and help you swap financial information, and  any agreement reached can still be made legally binding.

Our charges for Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAMs) are:
£90 for an individual session
£120pp for a joint session


If you are eligible for Legal Aid then the service will be free, also the MIAM and the first mediation session will be free for your ex-partner.The mediator can carry out an assessment for Legal Aid at your MIAM, as long as you provide the correct information.

 Joint sessions lasts 1 and half hour on average, single session 45 minutes.


It is important that parents have access to advice and information. If you are searching for help go to

To make an appointment, or if you would like advice on what to do next then please call or e-mail us.