Special Education Needs & Disabilities Mediation;

One of the new features brought in by the Children and Families Act 2014 was that mediation must be considered before types of cases can be brought to the Special Education Needs and Disability ("SEND") Tribunal.

Our service aims to settle disagreements that arise between parents and local authorities/schools about the "SEN" of children and young people, and how best to meet these needs.

The A Project has a panel of independent, experienced, accredited mediators, who will collaboratively work with all parties in a neutral, confidential and fair manner.

This service is for parents/carers, local authority representatives, school representatives and young people. If referrals are made by anyone other than the parents, permission must be given first by the parents before contacting us.

Our SEN mediation service is free of charge to parents and young people, and does not affect your legal right to proceed with a Tribunal, if an appropriate solution or agreement isn't reached in mediation.

The mediation will be held in a neutral location within 30 days of the LA being told you would like mediation. Our experienced mediators will explain the process to you and help clarify the nature of the disagreements, you can bring a supporter with you to the mediation although legal representation is not  usually necessary. After the mediation, the mediation advisor will issue a certificate within 3 working days confirming that mediation has concluded, and if all your issues haven't been resolved, you can use the certificate to register your appeal with the Tribunal.

It is important that parents have access to advice and information. This is usually provided by the local Parent Partnership Services  website ​if you need help or assistance.

No paperwork is required, simply phone or e-mail us.

To receive mediation advice contact our mediation adviser. To receive mediation contact our SEN case manager.

The A Project is an approved mediation provider for the Ministry of Justice, and the SEN mediation service is delivered in accordance with the requirements of the Special Education Needs and Disability Act 2001 (amended 2014).