Workplace Mediation;

Despite the best intentions we are all different, we have different strengths, weaknesses, personalities, ambitions, belief systems and values and deal with issues better or worse than others. With so many conflict issues in the mix it is inevitable that the majority of us will at some point during our working life experience a situation leading to conflict with another employee, employer. In the workplace, a little conflict can be positive if it leads to a sense of healthy competition and improve performance, however, it can also be negative, impacting on relationships and creating disruption. 

As an alternative to remedy the situation, workplace mediation is available as an effective, positive and economical way to enable people to resolve their own conflict without recourse to formal, adversarial and expensive procedures. Workplace mediation resolves disputes over bullying, harassment, victimisation and personal clashes between work colleagues.

Employment mediation resolves disputes over employment conditions, pay, contracts, grievance and discipline procedures, unfair and constructive dismissal between employers and employees.

​Workplace mediation offers a win-win situation. It works, it's inexpensive, it empowers people and maintains relationships. Most mediations can be concluded in one day with a high success rate, and can be used for individuals as well as team/group conflicts.

If you have employees who are having difficulties getting along and are willing to talk it over, then please give us a call. Special rates are available to healthcare and educational institutions, registered charities and similar organisations.

​(Our mediation service is 100% confidential).

If you are interested in finding out more about training that might help to develop your team or employees, then please get in touch.